Los Perales Rustic Resort

Los Perales rustic resort, is located in El Mocanal village, in the north side of El Hierro Island, the smallest island in Canary Islands, latitude 27º N and 18º W longitude, it is the most occidental region in Spain and the most to the south of Europe, the Island is 278 square kilometres with 10.500 inhabitants.It was named reserved of the Biosphere by the UNESCO in the year 2000.

Customers will be met by the person incharged for accommodation at the “Centro Cultural de El Mocanal” (Cultural Center of the village of El Mocanal) at the time agreed by phone (0034669060171 / / / 0034922551177), 48 hours before travelling or at least on arriving to the island. There will be about 20 minutes by car from airport or port to Meeting Point.

E-mail: info@losalmendreros.com


El Peral


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El Castaño (upper floor)


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Path Network on the island of El Hierro

El Hierro has a network of 15 approved paths under GR, PR and SL categories. They traverse roads of more than 250 km traditionally used by its inhabitants for pastoral work, trade, “shifting” or annual transhumance, or the Descendent of the Virgen de los Reyes which every four years becomes the epitome of festivity of El Hierro culture This Biosphere Reserva and Geopark, its natural areas and habitats, hold thicket-undergrowth, laurel, juniper or pine forest and offer the best view of the geological events that formed the youngest of the Canary Islands.